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All Treats, no Tricks

Fall has been slow to come to Oregon. I have been busy in my new job as full-time faculty at Portland Community College.

Free! New Story

A long time ago, I was dating a man who had a horrific car accident. When I went to his home to pick up some toiletries and other personal items for the hospital, I confess to snooping. I found he used the same hair dye I did, but nothing more. I often wondered what would happen if I had found something more interesting. In this story, Julia discovers something deadly. I divided it into five sections, one for each of the characters. I will release one of the sections with art from Darci Nili every week. If you enjoy it, please share.

The audio version of Women of Fire and Snow is now available in audio from all vendors. Get your's here

The Spanish edition of Women of Fire and Snow is in the process of being published.

Happy Fall to all!

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